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We were half-way through our five-hour bus journey from Gjirokaster to Korca when Chris realised he didn’t have his glasses. Panicked, he messaged our Gjirokaster accommodation host, Ergest, to see if he could see them anywhere: yes, he had left them there. Ergest took them down to the bus station in Gjirokaster the next day, they were sent on the bus to Korca and Chris was very quickly reunited with his glasses. Anything is possible in Albania! This positive, friendly, helpful attitude is standard across the country. Some of the nicest and warmest people we have met on our travels are Albanians.

Albania fascinates with its stunning beauty in its rugged Accursed Mountains, serene lakes in Shkoder and Pogradec, pristine beaches, bustling cities of Tirana and Korca, UNESCO old towns of Berat and Gjirokaster and vibrant way of life. The country really does have a little bit of everything for all tastes.

As well as its lovely people and its huge variety of attractions, Albania has a dark yet intriguing history. The Albanian people were subjected to a brutal, harsh communist and ’Stalinist’ dictatorship for nearly 50 years, led by Enver Hoxha. The dictatorship falling in 1991 ended the isolation of this once-pariah state. For a mere thirty years, Albanians have been able to do what many deem everyday things: drive cars, eat bananas, drink Coca Cola. To learn about the country’s history, head over to Tirana for the best museums.

Albania is still largely off most tourist radars, but in these last thirty years is really coming up through the rankings, with intrepid travellers curiously wandering this captivating country.

And, surprisingly, vegetarianism isn’t too difficult to uphold here. There were several veggie options at most restaurants – who’d have thought it?

During our five-week trip through Albania, we witnessed construction works in most cities and towns. There is no doubt in my mind that Albania is an up-and-coming destination that will continue to welcome more and more tourists each year. Make sure you get there before everyone else!

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Things to Know Before You Go


ALL – Albanian Lek


Coaches and furgons


No visa required for 90 days for UK citizens


Albanian – English is spoken in the cities

Cash or Card

Mainly Cash

ATM with no fees


Must Try

Fërgesë – roasted vegetable and cheese dip

Vegetarian Friendliness


Local Beer/Alcohol

Korça, Tirana, Elbar, Rakia

Tourist Sim Providers

Vodafone AL


Hello: Përshëndetje

Thanks: Faleminderit

Tea Town or Coffee Country

Coffee Country

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