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Bosnia and Herzegovina won me over straight away. As we got off the plane, you could just feel how relaxed everyone was: people were helpful, friendly and spoke great English, taxi drivers weren’t fighting over us or hassling us to pick their taxi. It was easy. Our taxi driver was the loveliest, giving us a mini tour of Sarajevo and stopping for a couple of photo opportunities. As we were driving past the old town, it had such a beautiful, calming feel about it; and before we had even arrived at our AirBnB, I said to Chris, ‘I’ve got a feeling I am going to like this place’.

When I told people back home that we were going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, everyone’s first comment was about the war. And this is one of the reasons that I wanted to come to this country: to learn about its vivid history. You can read information online, but it just doesn’t compare to visiting the museums and speaking to the local people who have lived through it.

The landscapes and nature in the country are beautiful. See Mount Trebević of Sarajevo, the lakes and waterfalls of Jajce and Una National Park, and the glacial blue water of Neretva River running through Mostar and beside Pocitelj. The country is full of raw, natural beauty.

The towns and cities have so much charm with remnants from the Austro-Hungarian rule, Ottoman rule and the recent wars. Explore the Ottoman bazaar of Sarajevo, wander the medieval town of Jajce, admire the crumbling architecture of Pocitelj‘s open air museum, and walk over the Ottoman bridges of Mostar.

The coffee is out-of-this-world good. My caffeine intake in Bosnia and Herzegovina was ridiculous! The theatrics of serving it in a copper coffee pot with a cube of Turkish delight (or Bosnian delight) just enhances the experience further. Slowly sipping your coffee while people watching or discussing the world’s problems is a proper cultural practice.

If you are looking for a relatively unexplored destination full of charm, history, friendly faces, and did I mention the great coffee?!, head over to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Things to Know Before You Go


BAM – may show as KM Konvertibilna Marka




No visa required for 90 days for UK citizens


Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian – English is spoken in the cities

Cash or Card


ATM with no fees


Must Try

Burek – filo pastry pie

Vegetarian Friendliness


Local Beer/Alcohol

Sarajevsko, Preminger, Nektar, Pan, Rakija

Tourist Sim Providers



Hello: Zdravo

Thanks: Hvala

Tea Town or Coffee Country

Coffee Country

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