Top Spots for Your Bosnia and Herzegovina Itinerary

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published on 10 May 2023

Wondering which spots to add to your Bosnia and Herzgovina itinerary? The country has such warm, hospitable people, beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, a rich history and a gentle pace of life. Spend hours sipping coffee in the sun, hike up through forests to reach breathtaking viewpoints, haggle for handcrafted gifts in traditional Ottoman bazaars, or delve deep in to the country’s history. Bosnia and Herzegovina really deserves more recognition as a tourist destination. Travelling for four weeks around the country enabled us to explore all the places below at a leisurely pace, and I would recommend each and every one of them. Give it a go, and let me know if you decide to head out this way! I’d love to hear about it.

Top Spots for Your Bosnia and Herzegovina Itinerary


The capital city should be at the top of your list. It has beautiful architecture, cobbled old town streets, the Tunnel of Hope, cable car city views, and an abandoned Olympic bobsled track. The city is steeped in history, but also has so much to offer in terms of nature, its coffee culture, and its people. You could easily spend three or four nights in Sarajevo. Read our post on things to do in Sarajevo here, and the top restaurants for vegetarians in this meat-heavy city here.

Tea House, Sarajevo

Čajdžinica Džirlo, Sarajevo


Mostar is probably the most touristy area of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to its location close to the Croatian border (meaning it is popular with day trippers). Get lost in the old town, hunt down street art, watch the bridge divers, dip your feet in the ice cold Neretva river, head just out of town to a Dervish monastery and find traditional hand-crafted gifts in the bazaar. I would recommend spending at least three days here to allow for plenty of exploration as well as a day trip. Find out all about Mostar in our post here.

Mostar Bridge view from above



A historical and architectural wonder, Pocitelj is largely abandoned. Wander its winding cobbled streets lined with crumbling buildings and you will find hidden corners full of character and charm. The town is considered an open-air museum due to its showcasing of Ottoman and Medieval architecture. You could spend two or three hours exploring Pocitelj, making it a perfect half-day trip from Mostar.

Pocitelj Mosque interior with stained glass

Interior of Šišman Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, Pocitelj

Una National Park

Una National Park is generally off the tourist-trail because of its location in the far north west of the country, on the border with Croatia. Hire a car and spend a day or two roaming around the national park. You’ll find thundering waterfalls, serene rivers and lakes, and village ruins.

Cascading waterfall, Una National Park

Štrbački Buk, Una National Park


One of our favourite parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina because of its gentle, laid-back feel (and the fact that it’s wine country!). Walk to the city viewpoint, admire the stunning artwork in the Orthodox church, go wine tasting, wander around the small old town and sit by the Trebišnjica river. You could squeeze all of this in to one day, but I would recommend two or three for a more leisurely pace.

Trebinje Viewpoint, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Jajce has a cascading waterfall running right through it; and it’s an impressive one. Find the most scenic viewpoints of the waterfall, head over to the Pliva lakes, see the traditional water mills and explore the historic town ruins.

Jajce Viewpoint



Visegrad is very small but still worth a day trip. It is well-known for its iconic bridge and the glacial blue water of the Drina running below it. Wander over the bridge, and take in the area’s natural beauty with hills and forests.

Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Have you been to Bosnia and Herzegovina? Is there anywhere that you would add to the list?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, recommendations or questions.

 Thanks for reading!

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