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Georgia was at the top of my list for so long. I was forever gazing at pictures of the mountain villages, phenomenal scenery, Tbilisi old town, intricate Soviet mosaics, and khachapuri. And then we arrived and it all felt a little surreal! This is my absolute favourite destination so far and the country, its people and its food have surpassed my already high expectations by a long, long way. Maybe we will live here one day? We have very much fallen in love with Georgia.

Georgia is a country that rarely makes it on to tourists’ travel lists and many don’t even know where the country is. When you google Georgia, you have to specify that you are referring to ‘Georgia country’ so that google doesn’t pull up info on Georgia state in the US; that’s how little is known about this astounding country. It doesn’t make sense!

Understood to be the birthplace of wine, the oldest wine making vessels discovered (qvevri) have been found in Georgia, dating back to 6000 BC. Georgia really knows how to make great wine, and amazingly tasty food, perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Honestly, you’ll find huge sections on menus just for baked goods (generally veggie) as well as huge sections for non-meat dishes. Freshly baked breads, cheese, walnuts, aubergines, mushrooms, beetroot, sour plum, beans, salads, pickles; the list is endless.

A haven for hikers, street photographers, history buffs, architecture fanatics, culture seekers, vegetarians, and wine lovers; Georgia is sure to captivate everyone. Explore the mountains of Svaneti and Kazbegi, get really off the beaten path visiting Pankisi Valley, try all the wine in Sighnaghi, Telavi and Tsinandali, see the wackiness of Batumi’s architecture, stroll by the Black Sea coast at Kobuleti and Poti, try some punchy flavours of Megrelian cuisine in Zugdidi, feel the tropical vibe of Guria and its tea plantations, experience retro Gori, see the monasteries of Kutaisi, and get lost in the backstreets of Tbilisi’s old town.

We have met some of the most genuine, friendly and generous people right here in Georgia. We’ve been offered lifts when we haven’t even been hitchhiking, we’ve been asked into people’s homes for countless cups of tea, we’ve been stopped by people purely because they want to welcome us to their country (even when we don’t have a shared language).

And, this small, peaceful country has a dark yet intriguing history, the impact of which is still being seen today.

Put on your trousers with the elasticated waistband, lace up your hiking boots and charge up your camera; you are in for an absolute treat. Visit Georgia.

Venture further. Explore more. Journey beyond.

Things to Know Before You Go


GEL – Georgian Lari


Trains and Marshrutkas


No visa requirement for up to one year for UK citizens


Georgian – English & Russian widely spoken in the cities

Cash or Card

Mainly card

ATM with no fees

Cartu, Basis

Must Try

Khachapuri – a cheesy bread that comes in many varieties

Vegetarian Friendliness


Local Beer/Alcohol

Zedazeni, Natakhtari, Argo, Wine and Chacha

Tourist Sim Providers



Hello: Gamarjoba

Thanks: Madloba

Tea Town or Coffee Country

Tea Town

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